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    Posted on January 15, 2013 by Carlos in Uncategorized.


    Hello! Nice to sniff you!

    Hello dear reader,
    My name is Bola.
    And my name is Maya!
    We are Golden Retievers, we are sisters, and we also happen to be part of the Just For Barks family! How cool is that? We get to go to work, and make friends at the same time. Part of our job is to keep our fellow dog lovers in the loop with updates, dog tips and tricks, and give advice on anything dog related. Who knows dogs better, than a dog? Make that two dogs!

    We will be posting a new blog once a week, every week. Feel free to leave us comments or topics you might like us to write about.

    ‘Till next time!
    ~Maya and Bola

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  1. Mr WordPress says:

    Hi Bola and Maya,
    I came over your new digs and loved it. Convenient location and superb decoration.
    Your doggy care will be huge success!

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