For a Happy Family

A Loving Place For Your Dog 

For a Happy Family

Let Your Dog Have Fun at Our Daycare


We Provide the Best Care for Your Doggy

Just for Barks in North Vancouver, BC makes sure that every doggy that stays with us has an exciting and activity-filled day. Our daycare facility has more than 2100 square feet of space to meet the exercise needs of dogs of all ages and sizes. 

Treating Them Like Family

Our team loves dogs! That’s why we work hard to provide them with a warm family environment. This means that your four-legged pal will not only have a stress-free transition, but you will also have a sense of reassurance. Our daycare gives our furry guests continual socialization activities to allow their personalities to flourish. We lead specific games to promote the natural feel of working together as a pack while always under supervision to ensure safe playtime. 


Helping Your Dog Look and Feel Good!

Our grooming salon offers a full-service beauty space, with extremely educated professional groomers to provide you and your dog with the ideal look and a calm experience while always prioritizing health and wellbeing!

Get in Touch With Us

Count on the expert staff at Just for Barks to not only take care of your dog but also to provide them with a fun and mentally engaging day. Reach out to us to learn more.