Nacho’s Story

Discover the Adorable Doggy Tale of Nacho

In August of 2019, on an extremely hot day in Merida, Mexico, I (a young stray dog) was almost hit by a car. I was in the middle of the road trying to lick some water off the hot pavement. I was famished, my ribs were visible under my skin, and I only had small patches of fur remaining. I was covered in mange and had deep cuts and scabs on my face. I thought I was unlucky to have been born a stray, but what I didn’t realized was that the car that almost hit me, would take me to my new life. The woman driving was Odette’s sister. She was able to get me into the car and take me to a clinic for treatment. I spent the next two months in and out of the vet clinic, I was slowly gaining weight, my wounds were healing, and my skin was recovering. I was now on my way to good health, unfortunately, my saviour traveled for work and I needed a stable forever home.
She called Odette and the rest of the Just For Bark’s family and told them how she wasn’t able to find anyone who could take me. I was scared I wouldn’t find a family to love me. The Just For Barks family knew they had to help me. They decided they would foster me in their home (along with their two other golden retrievers!) until I could find a family for me. They started sharing my story and my pictures to all of the clients at Just For Barks. Everyone loved me, and although they couldn’t take me, from the kindness in their hearts they wanted to donate to help pay for me to come to Canada.

The Just For Barks clients started suggesting many possible names for me and they were able to narrow it down to the top two. Taco or Nacho. Nacho was short for the movie Nacho Libre. Suddenly it came down to the final vote, I was so excited to find out what my name would be. As the final votes were counted it was announced, my name was now Nacho Libre! Not only was my name chosen but enough money was raised for me to now join all of the amazing dogs at Just For Barks Doggy Daycare!

Odette flew down to Mexico, and we flew back together the next day. It was scary to be in a new place with new people, but I warmed up instantly! There was still one more thing, I hadn’t found my forever home yet… but I am pretty darn charming, so I got to work fast. First, I befriended Maya and Bola, the two golden retrievers who I knew would love me as soon as we started playing together. Then I started working on the rest of the family, a couple face licks here, some paw shakes there, I threw in some funny zoomies just to show off my adorable nature, and the Just For Barks family had no choice. I was promoted to permanent family member and Chief Treat Taster (CTT) at Just For Barks! It’s a tough job, but I take my role very seriously. The Just For Barks family think it is fitting since it was thanks to the efforts of all our client friends, I now have a massive family with so many people who love me and I get to be a part of an even bigger pack!

I cannot thank enough everyone for being so generous, kind-hearted and invested in my journey. You helped me find my forever home.

- Love from Nacho!